A Day-Long Seminar on Thin-film Electronics and Advanced Materials


  • Fabrication of low power thin-film transistors (TFTs) which operate at or below 1 Volt.
  • Demonstration of it as basic building blocks to mimic activity of biological neurons and synapses.
  • Alternate gate dielectrics will be explored to achieve above two.


  1. Prof. Achintya Dhar, IIT Kharagpur
  2. Prof. Satish A. Patil, IISc Bangalore
  3. Prof. Mayank Shrivastava, IISc Bangalore
  4. Prof. Ajay Gupta, Amity University UP
  5. Prof. Amit Ghoshal, IISER Kolkata
  6. Dr. Leszek Majewski, University of Manchester
  7. Prof. Rudra Pratap, Deputy Director, IISc Bangalore