Dr. Gokulnath's Work Selected as ACS Editors' Choice for June 2020

Each day ACS Editors' Choice features an article selected from across all ACS journals by ACS editors for its potential broad public interest. Sponsored by ACS, the articles remain open for all to access and read for free. Herein, Gokulnath’s research team demonstrates that the replacement of thiophene or furan with the bithiophene unit enables the effective tuning of the absorption characteristics. They found a bithiophene-incorporated di-m-benziheptaphyrins exhibiting the optical absorption that covers the entire UV to visible region. This macrocycle exhibit a “black color” in solution by simple Pi-expansion without involvement of metal centers. This is in sharp contrast to previously reported “black dye” via hetero-bis-metal complexes, peripherally fused Zn-porphyrins with beta,beta'-quinono rings and fused BODIPY cores with absorption capabilities covering the visible to NIR region. Our synthetic strategy could be successfully used for further modification of the porphyrin structure or for the assembly of larger covalent porphyrin arrays. Free access to this article can be found here

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