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Title Volumes
Alcohol and Alcoholism [Vol.1(1963)-(1995]
Annals of Botany [Vol.1(1887)-1995]
Behavioral Ecology [Vol.1(1990)-1995]
Bioinformatics [Vol.1(1985)-1995]
Biometrika [Vol.1(1901)-1995]
Brain [Vol.1(1878)-1995]
Carcinogenesis [Vol.1(1980)-1995]
Cerebral CORTEX [Vol.1(1991)-1995]
Chemical Senses [Vol.1(1974)-1995]
Environmental History [Vol.1(1996)-1995]
European Review of Agricultural Economics [Vol.1(1973)-1995]
Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research [Vol.1(1927)-1995]
Glycobiology [Vol.1(1990)-1995]
Human Molecular Genetics [Vol.1(1992)-1995]
Human Reproduction [Vol.1(1986)-1995]
ICES Journal of Marine Science [Vol.1(1903)-1995]
IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics [Vol.1(1965)-1995]
IMA Journal of Management Mathematics [Vol.1(1986)-1995]
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information [Vol.1(1984)-1995]
IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis [Vol.1(1981)-1995]
Integrative and Comparative Biology [Vol.1(1961)-1995]
International Immunology [Vol.1(1989)-1995]
International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN) [Vol.1991(1991)-1995]
ITNOW [Vol.37(1995)-1995]
Journal of Electron Microscopy / Currently known as Microscopy [Vol.1(1953)-1995]
Journal of Experimental Botany [Vol.1(1950)-1995]
Journal of Heredity [Vol.1(1905)-1995]
Journal of Logic and Computation [Vol.1(1990)-1995]
Journal of Molluscan Studies [Vol.1(1893)-1995]
Journal of Petrology [Vol.1(1960)-1995]
Journal of Plankton Research [Vol.1(1979)-1995]
Logic Journal of the IGPL [Vol.1(1993)-1995]
Mathematical Medicine and Biology: A Journal of the IMA [Vol.1(1984)-1995]
MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine [Vol.1(1995)-1995]
Mutagenesis [Vol.1(1986)-1995]
Nucleic Acids Research [Vol.1(1974)-1995]
PhilosophiaMathematica [Vol.1(1964)-1995]
Plant and Cell Physiology [Vol.1(1959)-1995]
Protein Engineering, Design and Selection [Vol.1(1986)-1995]
Radiation Protection Dosimetry [Vol.1(1981)-1995]
Systematic Biology [Vol.1(1952)-1995]
Teaching Mathematics and its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA [Vol.1(1982)-1995]
The Gerontologist [Vol.1(1961)-1995]
The Journal of Biochemistry [Vol.1(1922)-1995]
The Journals of Gerontology: Series A - Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences/Formerly known as The Journals of Gerontology [Vol.1(1946)-1995]
The Journals of Gerontology: Series B – Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences / Formerly known as The Journals of Gerontology [Vol.1(1946)-1995]
The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics [Vol.1(1930)-1995]
The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics [Vol.1(1948)-1995]
Toxicological Sciences [Vol.1(1981)-1995]