Dr Bikas C. Das
Assistant Professor Grade I (Physics)
  +91 (0)471 - 2778071

 Ph.D. Position: Available for the candidates having interest on Device Physics and related applications using various novel materials

We are looking for motivated students who have interests in working on experimental physics. The focus of our lab will be to develop a complete emerging nanoelectronic devices research center at IISER-TVM in the future for novel and highly reproducible results. Upcoming projects in our lab are mentioned below for interested students.

  1. Thin Film Transistors
  2. Photoelectrocatalysis
  3. Plasmonics
  4. Memristors & Neuromorphic Emulation
  5. 2D Materials
  6. Photovoltaics
  7. Photodetection
  8. Surface Science

There will be some additional projects related to the projects mentioned above, like the design of supercapacitor using solid electrolytes, sensors, electronic and optoelectronic charge transport mechanism study of composite thin films, etc. We already have required research facilities, including e-beam lithography, photo-lithography, etching, e-beam metal deposition for electrodes, parameter analyzer with probe station, etc.

p.s. It is absolutely fine if you want to send me a brief CV, which I could recall later if required for the available positions.