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title Event Date
Micro-patterned Polymer Devices for Biological Applications Seminars 11-03-2011
Models of Inflation: New Developments Seminars 03-03-2011
Symmetry and Unification Seminars 01-03-2011
The Kitaev model Seminars 15-02-2011
Transient Science: The New Astronomy Seminars 25-01-2011
On the convergence of Fourier series Seminars 19-01-2011
Sol-to-Gel Transition in Dispersions of Layered Solids Seminars 14-01-2011
Coalescing compact binaries: From birth to death Seminars 06-01-2011
Renewable Bioproducts-A Chemists’ Perspective Seminars 04-01-2011
Biological Evolution on correlated fitness landscapes Seminars 30-12-2010
Engineering at the Nanoscale: Future and Challenges Seminars 27-12-2010
Computational Materials Science Seminars 17-12-2010
Quantum limited metrology in the real world Seminars 15-12-2010
Pulsed EPR Imaging: Development and applications to tumor hypoxia Seminars 07-12-2010
Simple approaches for synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials and their applications Seminars 16-12-2010
Boranes, Carboranes, Metallacarboranes: history, development, new results Seminars 06-12-2010
Emergence and Applications of Chiroptical Spectroscopy Seminars 26-11-2010
Distinguishing Dark Energy Models with Large Scale Structures formation Seminars 24-11-2010
UVB and UVA radiation reactions of DNA in cells and human skin: photoproduct formation and repair Seminars 23-11-2010
Molecular Imaging Seminars 23-11-2010
Glimpses of Ramsey Theory and Discrepancy Theory Seminars 18-11-2010
Mathematics is everywhere Seminars 02-11-2010
Story of Maxima and Minima Seminars 01-11-2010
Regulation of pre-synaptic vesicle transport Seminars 30-10-2010