International Conference on Ultrafast Spectroscopy (ICUS2020)

ICUS 2020 organized by IISER-TVM, a premier Science Research Institute located against the backdrop of the picturesque Western Ghats, aspires to gather the world leaders in the area of ultrafast spectroscopy, photochemistry and photophysics and, discuss the cutting-edge research involving both theoretical and experimental investigations on photo-excited state dynamics in functional materials. The conference will focus on various disciplines ranging from the fundamentals of diverse ultrafast processes in organic/inorganic systems, basics of pumb-probe spectroscopy and fluorescence upconversion, to intricate tools that have recently evolved to characterize photo-excited state phenomena including ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy and multidimensional spectroscopy. The conference aims to serve as an ideal platform for researchers with different expertise to exchange ideas and initiate new scientific endeavors along with presenting the student participants an opportunity to interact with experts and expand their knowledge in the field of advanced ultrafast spectroscopic techniques.

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