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title Category Last Date
Notice Inviting offeres for hiring of flats / villas / buildings for Guest House / Transit Accommodation and Office Space 2019 Administration 2019-08-22
Supply of Ultra Book Purchase 2019-08-28
Fiber Optic Diffuse Reflectance Spectrometer Purchase 2019-08-26
Real-Time PCR System Purchase 2019-08-19
Display Screen for Image analysis / presentation Purchase 2019-08-12
AMC for refilling of Fire Extinguisher at various location at IISER Campus, Thiruvananthapuram Administration 2019-08-14
Supply of Medicines Purchase 2019-08-21
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer with nucleic acid analyzer Purchase 2019-08-20
Supply of 2U Rackmountable Server Purchase 2019-08-19
Supply of Laboratory Ozone Generator Purchase 2019-08-12
Procurement of Microbial Electroporation Purchase 2019-08-06
Liquid Nitrogen & Storage Tank of 6000 Liters capacity Purchase 2019-08-08
Supply of LED Tubes & Lamps Purchase 2019-08-08
Supply of Multifunctional Laser Printer Purchase 2017-07-25
Newtonian Telescope with Equatorial Mount and accessories Purchase 2019-08-05
Customized Seebeck and Resistivity Measurement System Purchase 2019-08-05
Biosafety cabinet Class II A2 and Tabletop Centrifuge Purchase 2019-07-31
Refrigerated Mini Centrifuge Purchase 2019-07-29
Thermal Cycler (PCR Machine) Purchase 2019-07-29
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope with monochrome camera and Image analysis software Purchase 2019-08-01
Whole Genome Sequencing Services Purchase 2019-07-11
Whole Genome Sequencing Services Project 2019-07-15
Procurement of Cooled Incubator Purchase 2019-07-23
Micropositioners and accessories Purchase 2019-07-18
Notice Inviting Offers for Hiring of Flats / Villas / Buildings for Guest House / Transit Accommodation & Office Space Administration 2019-07-31