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IISER TVM Decennial Celebrations



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Title Number Publised on Last Date
Supply and installation of discussion hall requirements IISER/PUR/1200/VK/IT/18-19 2019-02-01 2019-03-05
Supply of Medicines IISER/PUR/1244/GH/MED/18-19 2019-02-13 2019-03-05
Supply of Electronic Analytical Balance (4 digits) IISER/PUR/1233/GS/SC/18-19 2019-02-06 2019-02-26
Supply of Electronic Analytical Balance (3 digits) IISER/PUR/1234/GS/SC/18-19 2019-02-06 2019-02-26
Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer IISER/PUR/1235/GS/SC/18-19 2019-02-06 2019-02-26
Supply of Stationary Items IISER/PUR/1226/MA/P&S/18-19 2019-02-08 2019-02-26
Providing and fixing of fittings for connecting gas cylinders to fume hood gas piping Labs IISER-T/1373/32/18-19 2019-02-12 2019-02-21
Supply of Workstation IISER/PUR/1209/VSR-R/18-19 2019-02-04 2019-02-20
Supply of Laboratory Auticlave IISER/PUR/0948/SST/SB/18-19 2018-12-26 2019-02-19
Rate Contract for Continues Supply of Liquid Helium IISER/PUR/PT/09/18-19 2019-01-28 2019-02-19
Supply of HPC Cluster IISER/PUR/1150/RS/SC/18-19 2019-01-24 2019-02-12
Supply of Hot & Cold Water Purifier IISER/PUR/1071/AR/ADMN/18-19 2019-01-24 2019-02-12
Supply of Gamma Irradiator IISER/PUR/0538/SK/SB/18-19 2019-01-04 2019-02-02
Operation of water treatement plant at IISER Campus IISER-T/1369/30/18-19 2019-01-16 2019-01-31
Supply and Installation of Enterprise Antivirus Software with 400 License IISER/PUR/0846/PYS/IT/18-19 2018-12-26 2019-01-22
Maintenance of Lawn provided in Physical Science Block, Pathyway near CHD, Hostels SB-4 & SB-5, Indoor Stadium, Water Treatement Plant, Entrance Gate and Shopping Complex IISER-T/1365/31/18-19 2019-01-16 2019-01-21
Supply of HPC Cluster IISER/PUR/0925/MPR/SM/18-19 2018-12-10 2019-01-17
Furnishing of "D" Block Hostel (Phass-II) with wardrobe and show rack IISER-T/1331(2)/29/18-19 2019-01-01 2019-01-17
Supply of Computer and Accessories IISER/PUR/0971/DVS-P/SP/18-19 2018-12-31 2019-01-15
Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Operation of Biogas plant IISER-T/1359/27/18-19 2018-12-26 2019-01-15
Rate Contract for Continues of Supply of Liquid Helium IISER/PUR/1380/RCN/SP/17-18 2019-03-07 2019-01-10
Construction of cross drain with M.S Gratings near MRSS and Bridge No.2 IISER-T/1362/26/18-19 2018-12-18 2019-01-01
Providing of Cold Water Pipelines with pumps and valves for fume hood in CSB IISER-T/1360/24/18-19 2018-12-17 2018-12-28
Supply of Upright Biomedical Freezer IISER/PUR/0222/SST/SB/18-19 2018-09-28 2018-12-26
Supply of Ultra Low Temperature Freezer IISER/PUR/0984/SMS/18-19 2018-12-13 2018-12-26