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Modulating Crossover Frequency and Interference for Obligate Crossover... Biology 2017
Construction of all N=4 conformal supergravities Physics 2017
Efficient Organic Photovoltaics with Improved Charge Extraction and Hi... Physics 2017
Photovoltaic properties of low temperature solution processed earth ab... Physics 2016
Achiasmy: Male Fruit Flies Are Not Ready to Mix Biology 2016
EB1 regulates attachment of Ska1 with microtubules by forming extended... Biology 2016
Protocol: a method to study the direct reprogramming of lateral root p... Biology 2016
Human SAS-6 C-Terminus Nucleates and Promotes Microtubule Assembly in ... Biology 2015
Squaraine based solution processed inverted bulk heterojunction solar ... Physics 2015
Enhancement in Photovoltaic Properties of Plasmonic Nanostructures Inc... Physics 2015
A cell cycle-controlled redox switch regulates the topoisomerase IV ac... Biology 2015
PLETHORA genes control regeneration by a two-step mechanism Biology 2015
Variation in Crossover Frequencies Perturb Crossover Assurance Without... Biology 2015
Suppression of +TIP protein EB1 sensitizes cells to paclitaxel-induced... Biology 2015
Suppression of centrosome protein TACC3 induces G1 arrest and cell dea... Biology 2015
PLETHORA gradient formation mechanism separates auxin responses Biology 2014
Microtubule +TIP protein EB1 binds to GTP and undergoes dissociation f... Biology 2014
TACC3 regulates microtubule nucleation by affecting gamma-tubulin ring... Biology 2014
Progressive Acylation of Pyrene Engineers Solid State Packing and Colo... Chemistry 2014
Light Harvesting Vesicular Donor-Acceptor Scaffold Limits the Rate of ... Chemistry 2014
Non-natural G-quadruplex in a Non-natural Environment Chemistry 2014
Perylene Polyimide Based Organic Electrode Materials for Rechargeable ... Chemistry 2013
Breakdown of Exciton Splitting through Electron Donor–Acceptor Inter... Chemistry 2013
Single Component Organic Light-Harvesting Red Luminescent Crystal Chemistry 2013
Structural Insights into Saccharomyces cerevisiae Msh4-Msh5 Complex Fu... Biology 2013