IISER Thiruvananthapuram Library started functioning from August 2008 to meet the teaching and research needs of the students, research scholars, faculties and staffs of the Institute in Sciences and Mathematics.

IISER-TVM Library possesses books, monographs, conference proceedings etc. in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science and other interdisciplinary areas. Reference books such as encyclopaedia, dictionaries, laboratory manuals and general reading books are available in the library.

The library's extensive electronic resources include bibliographic databases, full text databases, journals, archives, e-books, softwares, statistical packages, images and digital maps.

Library Opening Hours

Monday to Friday : 9 AM – 10 PM (Break 7.30 PM - 8 PM)
Saturday / Sundays / Institute Holidays : 9 AM – 5.30 PM (Break 1PM - 1.30 PM)


All permanent faculty and staff members of IISER-TVM, all temporary faculty and staff members of IISER-TVM, research scholars and students of IISER-TVM, external Faculty like Visiting Faculty and Adjunct Faculty are eligible for the membership of the Institute Library. Anybody else will not be permitted to use the Library unless he/she can produce a special written permission from the Library Committee Chair/Director of IISER-TVM.

Issue of Books

ISER-TVM Library members will get the following privileges in respect of lending books

  • Faculty members can borrow maximum 20 books for 6 months.
  • Visiting Faculty/Permanent staff members /Temporary staff members /Consultants/,and Post Doctoral Fellows can borrow maximum 10 books for 2 months
  • PhD students can borrow maximum 4 books for 2 weeks. PhD students, who have completed their course work can borrow 10 books for 60 days.
  • IntPhD students can borrow 4 books for 2 weeks.IntPhD students, who have successfully completed their MS course work can borrow 10 books for 60 days.
  • BS-MS students can borrow maximum 4 books for 2 weeks.

Library Rules & Regulations

General Guidelines for using Library Facilities

  1. Always carry the Identity card and must be produced whenever asked for.
  2. Being a place for study and research, strict silence should be observed in the Library.
  3. No material shall be removed from the Library until a loan has been appropriately transacted.
  4. Members who lose/mutilate library materials are liable to pay the overdue charges, if any, and replace the book with latest edition of the books along with a penalty of 20% of the total cost of the book. All books replaced in this manner must be of the latest edition. If the book is part of a set or series they may be called upon to replace the whole set or series. In case of the lost books is untraceable in market or out of print Library committee reserves the right to decide appropriate penalty.
  5. The personal belongings including Books, Xerox copies etc are not allowed inside the Library and the Library staff will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users.
  6. Suggestions for procurement of new books to the Library should be forwarded though concerned authority to the Librarian. Prescribed Book requisition form can be collected from the Library.
  7. Use of Mobile Phones, Laptops, consumption of food and drinks are strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  8. Use of the user PC kept inside the library is allowed for accessing library catalogue, e-journals, e-books and academic databases only.
  9. Users should obey the Library Rules and Regulations. Violation of rules and any act of misbehaviour to the Library staff will lead to strong disciplinary action.

Guidelines for Issue/Return of books

  1. Books can be borrowed or returned using the RFID Self Service Kiosk.
  2. Reference books, Journals and Magazines are only for consultation within the Library and are not to be taken out of Library premise.
  3. Documents can be issued only on production of Institute Identity Card.
  4. Books may be renewed only once, by the expiry of the due date, provided there is no reservation for the same.
  5. Books will not be issued for those who are having overdue items.
  6. The Librarian reserves the right to recall items issued at any time, even before the due date.
  7. Books which are already issued should not be brought to the Library except for return/renewal.
  8. Borrowed books are non-transferable and a borrower shall remain responsible for material issued to him/her until it is returned.
  9. Return of books are mandatory before the due date mentioned in the due date slip issued by the self service kiosk. A fine of Rs.1/- per day per book for the first week of delayed return and Rs.10/- per day per book thereafter will be levied for overdue books.
  10. A book may be recalled anytime before the due date if it is urgently required by another member. A late fee of Rs. 10/- per day per book will be imposed for the non-compliance with the requirement.
  11. Members proceeding for more that 3 months on leave/deputation/vacation etc should return all items to Library before they proceed.
  12. All users must, at the end of each semester, settle any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.
  13. Newly added books will be displayed for reference for one week, users may reserve such books.
  14. One user can make maximum 3 reservations at a particular period. Online reservation can be made through library user account
  15. All items need to be returned to the Library, for Physical Verification once in a year irrespective of the date of issue and category of users. Date of Physical verification will be announced 2 weeks in advance.
  16. Any book, including reference books can be borrowed for overnight reference, at the closing time of the library and to be returned at 9 AM on the next working day. Only one book can be borrowed per user for overnight reference. A late fee of ` 50/- per day per book for the delayed return of such book will be charged.


  • Dr. Sainul Abideen P
  • Assistant Librarian & Officer in Charge Library
  • Phone:0471-2778022
  • e-mail: