Interaction program with Scientists

Interaction program with Scientists: One-day seminar was organized at Kandaswamy Kandar’s College, Velur, Namkkal, TamilNadu

An interaction program with scientists was held at Kandaswamy Kandar’s College, Namkkal, TamilNadu on 24.08.2016. The program aimed at enabling the college students to interact with the faculty members of IISER TVM with a view to improve their scientific knowledge. Prof. V. Ramakrishnan, Director, IISER Thiruvananthapuram, inaugurated the function. Faculty members from IISER Thiruvananthapuram, Dr Ravi Maruthachalam, Dr Arun A, Dr Vinayak Kamble and Dr Ramesh Rasappan delivered lectures and interacted with a group of University/college/School students at Periyar University. Dr N Lathaa at Kandaswamy Kandar’s college coordinated the program.

Published on : 2016-09-03