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Dr Mahesh Hariharan

Associate Professor

Email : bWFoZXNoQGlpc2VydHZtLmFjLmlu , Phone :  +91 (0)471 2778101

Web Link  : http://faculty.iisertvm.ac.in/hariharan

Our Team

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Present Group Members

Dr. Nanditha G. Nair's Photo
Dr. Nanditha G. Nair (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Shinaj K. Rajagopal's Photo
Shinaj K. Rajagopal (Ph. D. Scholar)
Ajith R. Mallia's Photo
Ajith R. Mallia (Ph. D. Scholar)
Kalaivanan N's Photo
Kalaivanan N. (Ph. D. Scholar)
Abbey Meparathu Philip's Photo
Abbey Meparathu Philip (Ph. D. Scholar)
Nagaraj K's Photo
Nagaraj K. (Ph. D. Scholar)
Remya Ramakrishnan's Photo
Remya Ramakrishnan (Ph. D. Scholar)
Gopika Gopan's Photo
Gopika Gopan (Project Fellow)
Amalu Mohan's Photo
Amalu Mohan (Project Fellow)
Ebin Sebastian's Photo
Ebin Sebastian (Project Fellow)


Febin Kuriakose's Photo
Febin Kuriakose
(Ph. D. Scholar: Florida State University, Florida, USA)
Shubhasmin's Photo
Shubhasmin Rana
Somadrita Deb's Photo
Somadrita Deb (Ph. D. Scholar)
Ramarani Setty's Photo
Ramarani Setty
(Ph. D. Scholar: Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Harish Banda's Photo
Harish Banda
(Ph. D. Scholar: CEA, Grenoble, France)
Dr. Rijo T. Cheriya's Photo
Dr. Rijo T. Cheriya
(Wimpey Laboratories, Sharjah, UAE)
Dr. Salini P. S.'s Photo
Dr. Salini P. S.
Jimmy Joy's Photo
Jimmy Joy
(Ph. D. Scholar: University of Southern California, California)
Hitesh Khandelwal's Photo
Hitesh Khandelwal
(Ph. D. scholar: Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands)
Pavan Sharma's Photo
Pavan Sharma

Details of project students supervised in the last five years

Name of student Area of research Email id Present status
Vishnu Subhash Synthesis, Characterization and Solvatochromic Studies of Perylene Monoimides with Varying Bromine Substituents vishnusubhash@gmail.com Ph.D.
Shareefa Thekkan A Mechanistic Investigation of Fluoride Mediated Desilyation shareefathekkan@gmail.com Ph.D. Scholar: NCBS-Bengaluru
Athira Krishna Synthesis and Characterisation of Fluorescent Metal Organic Frameworks from Pyrene Dicarboxylic Acid athuk07@yahoo.co.in Ph.D. Scholar: NIIST-Trivandrum
Priyanka M. M. Synthesis Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Bay Substituted Perylene Diimides priyamampillil@gmail.com Project Assistant
Bappa Ghosh Non-Natural G-Quadruplex in a Non-Natural Environment bghosh4u@gmail.com Project Assistant: IISER-Pune
Sumayya Hassan Synthesis and Cellular Imaging Of Oligosaccharide Derivatized Naphthalene and Perylene Imides sumayya@iiserb.ac.in BS-MS Student: IISER-Bhopal
Anusha Thampi Photo-Catalytic Properties of Honey Based Carbon Dots anusha.thampivv@gmail.com Ph.D. Scholar: CSIR-CECRI, Karaikudi
Reshma S. Nair Synthesis Characterization and Photophysical Properties of 1,7 Perylene Diimides Derivatives reshmavr1992@gmail.com Project Assistant
Deenadayalan M. S. Design and Synthesis of Modified Nucleic Acid deenadayalan@iisertvm.ac.in Project Assistant
Arunkumar Proton Coupled Inhibition of Photoinduced Electron Transfer in a Donor Acceptor Dyad arunkr14@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Haritha Baby Photo-Induced Energy Transfer in Triphenyl Amine Based Molecular Systems hb2011@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Gopika Gopan Synthesis of Perylene Conjugated Oligonucleotides minnugopika@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Syed Bilal Synthesis Of Tetra Substituted Pyrene Derivatives For Opto-Electronic Applications bilal@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Febin Kuriakose Modulating the Solid State Structure and Opto-Electronic Properties of Anthracene Derivatives febinkuriakose@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Niya Thomas Tuning the Crystal Properties of Pyrene Through Benzoylation niya@iisertvm.ac.inr BS-MS
Ranjith Viswanathan Solid State Photophysical Properties Of Near-Orthogonal Acceptor Dyads Having Different Alkyl Side Chain ranjith@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Reshma R. Kurup Self-assembled Chiral Donor-acceptor Architectures reshmarkurup@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Abin Varghese Pyrenylaceanthrylene based Functional Ambipolar Materials abinvarghese@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Arya Aravind Tuning The Sequential Charge Transfer in Napthaleimide based Nitronyl Nitroxide aryaaravind@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Keerthi Muraleedharan Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Phenanthrene Substituted Perylene Diimides Derivatives keerthi@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS
Ghanim Fajish V. Distance Dependent Charge Transfer in Pyrene-Bridge-Aceanthrylene Motifs ghanimv@iisertvm.ac.in BS-MS