Dr Jishy Varghese

Assistant Professor

Email : amlzaHlAaWlzZXJ0dm0uYWMuaW4=

Personal Information

Jishy studied Zoology at the University of Kerala. He then joined the lab of Apurva Sarin at NCBS Bangalore for his Doctoral degree. In Apurva’s lab Jishy worked on “Regulation of apoptosis in the Immune system”. During this time he got interested in the genetic model organism Drosophila, which he owes to a visit to the laboratory of Veronica Rodrigues at TIFR Mumbai. He was also a visiting fellow at Peter Vandenabeele’s laboratory at University of Ghent during his Ph.D. After completion of Doctoral studies Jishy moved to the lab of Stephen Cohen (Steve) at EMBL Heidelberg. There he worked on “microRNA functions during Drosophila development”. Jishy then moved with Steve to TLL Singapore as a Research Fellow and then to IMCB Singapore and continued to work on microRNAs. Jishy joined IISER-TVM as an Assistant Professor in March 2013.