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Title Date
SEMINAR - Cauchy's Interlacing Theorem 2016-02-18
SEMINAR - Engineering quantum transport in low dimensional electron systems 2016-02-15
SEMINAR - The Neurobiology of Aesthetic Experiences and the Significance of Beauty 2016-02-13
SEMINAR - Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Ill-posed problems 2016-02-11
SEMINAR - Zeros of zeta functions 2016-02-11
SEMINAR - Dynamics of strain bifurcations in magnetostrictive ribbon 2016-02-10
SEMINAR - Inequalities of Fractal Measures 2016-02-10
SEMINAR - Magnetic order at the border: NMR and NQR as a microscopic tool 2016-02-08
SEMINAR - Through eyes of viscoelastic fluids: How can external stimulus influence research in theoretical and computational PDEs ? 2016-02-05
SEMINAR - Integrating Proteins into Electronics 2016-02-04
SEMINAR - p-adic Langlands' Transfer 2016-02-04
SEMINAR - Designing magnetic anisotropy in Heusler materials for spintronics 2016-02-03
SEMINAR - Integrating Proteins into Electronics 2016-02-02
SEMINAR - An introduction to semigroup theory 2016-01-29
SEMINAR - Some applications of complex analysis 2016-01-28
SEMINAR - Genetic dissection of neuronal maintenance and demise 2016-01-22
SEMINAR - Novel genetic approaches to explore neural stem cell homeostasis 2016-01-22
SEMINAR - Single mode and perturbed band-edge lasing in an amplifying periodic on average random system 2016-01-18
SEMINAR - Nanocharacterisation of the structural and luminescence properties of materials in the scanning electron microscope 2016-01-15
SEMINAR - Algebraic vector bundles in motivic homotpy theory. 2016-01-15
SEMINAR - Electron transport and circular photogalvanic effect in nanowires 2016-01-11
SEMINAR - Influence of magnetic tunnel barriers on magneto resistance behavior 2016-01-07
SEMINAR - Delta-convergence: an alternative approach to weak compactness 2016-01-07
SEMINAR - Bridging the islands of protein families in sequence space using artificial sequences 2016-01-07
SEMINAR - Genome sequencing of Tulsi – a medicinally important herb 2016-01-07