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Title Date
Workshop - Erasmus Plus workshop on 'Colour and Light in Behaviour and Ecology' 2017-06-26
Workshop - Basic Aspects of Nonlinear Dynamics and its Application 2017-04-03
SEMINAR - Tale of Two Hierarchical Ways of Image Processing 2017-01-20
SEMINAR - Fantastic Imaging Techniques, and Where to Find Them 2017-01-19
Conference - Chromosome Stability 2016 2016-12-15
Workshop - The 1st Cryo Electron Microscopy and 3D Image Processing of Macromolecular Assemblies and Cellular Tomography (CEM3DIP) 2016-07-02
Workshop - Workshop on High Performance Scientific Computing 2016-06-06
SEMINAR - Revisiting the famous Cauchy’s inequality and its linkage with the celebrated Schwarz inequality and Lagrange’s 2016-04-28
SEMINAR - Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Physics and Imaging Principles 2016-04-13
SEMINAR - Overview of business portfolio of Philips and opportunities for collaboration 2016-04-13
SEMINAR - Hensel's Lemma 2016-04-07
SEMINAR - Stochastic Euler Equations of Fluid Dynamics with Levy Noise 2016-03-31
SEMINAR - Longest increasing path within the critical strip 2016-03-24
SEMINAR - Duality between Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Hamilton-Jacobi Equations. 2016-03-17
Conference - ISCAN 2016 2016-03-09
SEMINAR - Riemann Surfaces 2016-02-25
SEMINAR - Cauchy's Interlacing Theorem 2016-02-18
SEMINAR - Engineering quantum transport in low dimensional electron systems 2016-02-15
SEMINAR - The Neurobiology of Aesthetic Experiences and the Significance of Beauty 2016-02-13
SEMINAR - Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Ill-posed problems 2016-02-11
SEMINAR - Zeros of zeta functions 2016-02-11
SEMINAR - Dynamics of strain bifurcations in magnetostrictive ribbon 2016-02-10
SEMINAR - Inequalities of Fractal Measures 2016-02-10
SEMINAR - Magnetic order at the border: NMR and NQR as a microscopic tool 2016-02-08
SEMINAR - Through eyes of viscoelastic fluids: How can external stimulus influence research in theoretical and computational PDEs ? 2016-02-05