Challenges for GaN Electronics: Of Dragon and Knights

Abstract : GaN wide bandgap electronics has made huge impact for microwave and power electronic applications. Although performance of these devices is excellent and can be far superior to 'standard' electronics, their operational conditions e.g. electrical power, voltages are often much lower than this material and device system could operate at. This is where Physics can help Electrical Engineering as well as industry. This limitation in the devices is due to challenges in the reliability and in the thermal management of theses devices which is still far from understood and optimized, including the physics of device failure. In the presentation will address questions such as could dislocations which are plentiful in these devices actually be beneficial for GaN electronics (rather than detrimental as typically assumed) or could for example integration of GaN electronics with diamond be of benefit for enabling power densities far superior to what is possible today.

Date and Time: 2015/02/10 17:00 Venue: CETAA Hall
Speaker: Prof. Martin Kuball Speaker - Affiliations: Director, Center for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR), Head , Micro and Nanomaterials Group University of Bristol United Kingdom